Stamps2Go Overview


Stamps2Go allows a hobbyist philatelist to easily record details of their stamp collection on their mobile device, including;

  • Description, face value, year of issue, country and color,
  • Catalogue ID and valuation,
  • Purchased date, quantity and cost,
  • Stamp grading using common terminology for used, gum condition, and centering,
  • Overall condition rating,
  • Faults identified,
  • Dimensions of the stamp,
  • Perforation details, and
  • Photo of the stamp (either taking a photo or selecting one from the Photos library), and
  • Email a stamp trader the stamp details and image for appraisal.


Stamps2Go can store data on the iCloud Drive to be shared across other mobile devices (iPhones or iPads) or data can be stored locally on the device.  In addition, you can backup or restore data stored on the iCloud drive to your device.


Please note; Stamps2Gp does not currently synchronize data with Stamps.



Stamps2Go Support


The following resource is available for the current version 1.4 and all prior versions of Stamps2Go;

(Prior published ePub format e-book has been replaced with an accessible PDF)


If you are having any issues or you have a suggestion, please contact us with your comments.


Using iCloud Drive

The use of the iCloud drive is on by default to enable the sharing of your stamp collection data across your mobile (iPad and iPhone) devices. To disable storing Stamps data on the iCloud Drive, go to Settings > Stamps2Go and move the "Store data on iCloud Drive" slider to off. To re-enable, repeat the same process but move the slider to the on position.


Restore to iCloud (iCloud Drive enabled)

Please note that the restore option will remove any Stamp2Go data stored on your iCloud Drive, prior to refreshing it with your backup data.

Use the "Switch to Device" option to review the backup data on your device prior to restoring. Use "Switch to iCloud" followed by "Restore from Device" to restore using this backup.


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