PlanDoCheckAdjust Overview


PlanDoCheckAdjust is a great tool for teams to manage activities throughout the Plan, Do, Check and Adjust problem-solving stages. Notifications are displayed for overdue actions and reports can be used to schedule review meetings, provide details on the problem statement and findings or be used to review actions in preparation for a review meeting.


Team members record issues with a problem statement (brief description, where occurring, time-frame and magnitude), the RASCIQ (Responsible, Approver, Support, Consult, Inform and Quality Review) model is used to record roles so as to ensure adequate resources are available and images can be added (by drag and drop) showing the before and after issue states.


A summary of activities and findings are recorded with a to-do list to assign tasks and monitor progress for each step of the Plan-Do-Check-Adjust problem solving cycle.


Please note; PlanDoCheckAdjust does not currently synchronize data with PDCA2Go.


PlanDoCheckAdjust Resources


The following resource is available for the current version 1.3 of PlanDoCheckAdjust in review, with the PDF format e-book available within the application under the Help > PlanDoCheckAdjust Help menu;


The data model has been updated in the current version 1.3 to incorporate before and after images. Current data files saved will be automatically converted when opened in version 1.3.


If you are having any issues or you have a suggestion, please contact us with your comments.


The following resources are available for older versions of PlanDoCheckAdjust;


Reverting to a Saved Document Issue

When reverting to a previously saved document (by selecting Revert To from the File menu), there is a problem that the newly opened document is empty. Please close the document and reopen it again to see your coin collection. This issue is being addressed in the next update.


Hidden Team and Issues Panel (with older PlanDoCheckAdjust versions 1.2 or earlier)

If you are using MacOS Sierra with an older version 1.2 or earlier of PlanDoCheckAdjust, you may find that the Team and Issues panel are hidden the first time you use PlanDoCheckAdjust. Move your cursor to the left hand side of the main window (it will change shape to a drag cursor style), click and drag to the right to open the panel. This issue is resolved in the current version of PlanDoCheckAdjust.


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