Coins Overview


Coins allows a hobbyist numismatist to easily import and record details of their coin or medal collection, including;

  • Description, denomination, year of issue, country and category,
  • Catalogue ID, vendor and value,
  • Purchased date, quantity and cost,
  • Grading (Sheldon, NGC or PCGS Grading Scale),
  • Rarity (URS or R-1 to R-9 Rarity Scale),
  • Composition,
  • Diameter and weight,
  • Certificate of authenticity number,
  • Miscellaneous notes, and
  • Photos of the coins (add obverse and reverse images by drag and drop and a photo of a medal rim can be added for medal collectors under Preferences).


Coins allows you to import your coin or medal collection from a spreadsheet CSV file (with headers) to minimize re-keying of data and to export your collection as a CSV file (excludes photos) to share with other collectors. Also, a coin or medal can be duplicated which can be a template when adding coins or medals with similar data.


Your coin collection can be filtered by description, denomination, year, country or category. The denomination, year or country columns can be hidden (which is customizable in Preferences) for medal collectors which allows for filtering by description or category (or country if unhidden).


Images of your coins or medals can be viewed in the photo gallery and you can inquire on your portfolio profit as well as print listings or the portfolio details of your coin or medal collection.


Thanks to the Royal Australian Mint and Paolo Policchi for their assistance in the development of this app.  Permission was kindly granted by the Royal Australian Mint for the use of their Australian one cent piece coin design as an icon for this app.



Coins Resources


The following resources are available for the current version 1.9 of Coins, with the Accessible PDF format e-book also available from within the application under the Help > Coins Help menu;


If you are having any issues (e.g. preparing or importing your CSV file) or you have a suggestion, please contact us with your comments.


The data model had been updated in the prior version 1.6 to incorporate certificate number and the images of a purchase invoice and certificate of authenticity for each stamp (as well as other minor changes). Data files saved prior to version 1.6 will be automatically converted when opened.


A demonstration version of Coins is available for the current version. Please place the Coins Demo app in your Applications folder.

  • Coins Demo app (Zip file containing demo app for macOS 10.10 or later)

You may need to unzip this file before moving the application. This demonstration version is limited to adding and/or importing from a CSV a total of 50 coins. There are no time limits and no nag screens requesting you to purchase the paid app. A demo user guide is available from the Help menu.


The following resources are available for older versions of Coins;


Unresponsive Preferences when editing Categories (with prior version 1.8)

When editing a newly created category in Preferences, that window will become unresponsive unless you press Escape to abort the edit. This issue has been addressed in the current version 1.9.


Reverting to a Saved Document Issue (with older versions 1.6 and 1.7)

When reverting to a previously saved document (by selecting Revert To from the File menu), there is a problem that the newly opened document is empty. Please close the document and reopen it again to see your coin collection. This issue has been addressed in the current version (version 1.8).


Coin categories resetting to default values (with older versions 1.6 and 1.7)

When the application starts, the coin categories are set to their default Preferences values rather than using the last saved categories. This issue has been addressed in the current version (version 1.8).


Saving a CSV using Excel (with older Coins version 1.3 only)

When saving your CSV file from Excel for use with the older version 1.3 of Coins, select the file format of "Comma Separated Values (.csv)". Using the "CSV UTF-8 (Comma delimited)" format may cause a CSV file contains no coin data error when you import your CSV.

Note:- Versions 1.4 and later of Coins supports Excel's "CSV UTF-8 (Comma delimited)" and the "Comma Separated Values (.csv)" CSV file formats.


Optimization (Opening files from older Coins version 1.2 or earlier)

When opening a coin or medal collection saved from an older version of Coins (version 1.2 or earlier), an alert will appear stating your data has been optimized for the new version of Coins. The optimization recovers space from deleted records.


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