• Julia's Husband is a free suspense iBook (211 pages) that was published in May 2016;

Grace runs away from her old life, tired of being let down and taken for granted. Her new life on “Merry Beach” however turns out to be anything but merry, when she meets the enigmatic Julia and realizes heroes aren’t always instantly recognizable, and choices aren’t always black and white. Sometimes you need to break all the rules to achieve a happy ending.

  • The Apple Tree is a free crime novella iBook (33 pages) that was published in October 2017;

Climbing the Apple Tree in her backyard is an escape for fifteen year old Rosie; from her addict parents, from being an outcast at school, and from the crippling loss and grief after the death of her only friend, her sixteen year old brother Davie. But the apple tree is a trap as well, drawing her into darkness and despair until she is faced with a desperate decision; a choice between reality and delusion, between life and death.

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